Aman Foundation Leaders Management Trainee Program 2018 Apply Online

Aman Foundation Leaders management Trainee Program 2018 Apply Online

Job Specification

Qualifications: Masters/Bachelor’s degree in any relevant field. Other post graduate qualifications will also be considered. Experience: 1 year of working experience is preferable. Passionate and motivated to work in a social development sector. Should have strong written & verbal communication skills both in English and Urdu. Strong research & analytical skills would be an asset. Hands on experience of working in the field/community. Ability to work well under pressure.

Responsibilities Induction Programmed:

The Aman Leaders will be taken through a 3-4 week Induction Programmed which is mandatory for all participants.  Its purpose is to provide Aman Leaders with a common orientation to Aman Foundation and its subsequent Business Units and support functions to ensure that they acquire a broad understanding of the factors that influence the decision making.  Formal training provides a foundation of knowledge to enable Aman Leaders to succeed in the programmer and perform well throughout their rotations. The programmer also includes Technical and Analytical Skills Training, Team Building and Aman Values, Project Management Training and mandatory Field Visits.

Duration of the Program: 16-Month programmer with two rotations of eight months each.

Placement and Rotations:

After the Induction Programmed, Aman Leaders will be placed in core functions of business units and support functions based on their preferences and skill set.

Work Plan:

On-the-job assignments form the core of the programme by allowing Aman Leaders to apply the knowledge and information presented during the induction phase. To develop knowledge, abilities and managerial skills, assignments must be progressively more challenging and should require Aman Leaders to work in a variety of different situations.


Aman Leaders will be evaluated on Bi-monthly basis.

Successful Completion of the Programme:

Upon successful completion of the programme permanent positions will be offered to the Aman Leaders based on their overall evaluation throughout the programme.

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