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5 browser based online editors for business writing

5 browser based online editors for business writing

  •  Business writing is a form of writing that is considered a professional kind of communication and professional writing that includes business letters, memorandums, reports, proposals, summaries, meeting minutes, emails and all other kinds of writings that are used in organizations to communicate with the external and internal audiences of the organization.
  • The sole purpose of business writing is to convey the message via written communication in concise, relevant and understandable ways without using excessive sentences, too many phrases, jargon any sort of extraneous information that is considered unnecessary or extra. Hence, business writing must be clear, concise, convincing, and relevant and must clearly specify the specific objective of writing.

Here are the 5 best browser based online editors for business writing that can make the business writing clear, concise, easier, simpler, error free, accessible, convincing and relevant without much hard work.

  1. Google Docs: Google Docs is an excellent word processing tool that is frequently used by people all over the world. This is because Google Docs allows one to access their writing project on separate computers and see the real time changes made into the document. Moreover, the documents can be shared, read, used and edited by people at the same time. Besides, there is no need to worry about saving the changes made in the document because the changes are saved automatically.
  2. Grammar Lookup: GrammarLookup is an online, free to use and free from registration and sign up as well as easy to use proof reading tool that allows one to check their content for online grammatical mistakes. Grammar Lookup is available online and does not require registration. Grammar Lookup is a sleek and simple website where there is a simple check box where the text can be entered to check for grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Moreover, Grammar Lookup also has word alternatives available for the words.
  3. Punctuation Check: Punctuationcheck.com is a free and online accessible website for students that can help in making corrections of the punctuation mistakes that they make, that may become grammar mistakes in long term. It provides quick lessons on misspelled words, corrections on wrong placement of punctuation marks and grammatical mistakes.
  4. Hemingway Editor: The Hemingway Editor is an online editor that highlights complex and lengthy sentences and highlights the errors in different colors for the sake of correction. The yellow color highlight specifies long sentences, which require shortening or splitting. The red highlight on the sentences specify that the sentences are very dense and complicated and require to be simplified for increasing the understand ability. The Harrington Editor highlights adverbs, passive voice, dull and complicated words.
  5. Readability Score: Readability Score is a web based application that helps to improve the writing by measuring the readability of the content. The readability score tells you that how much easy is the content to read and to what extent the level of education that is required to make the content more understandable for understanding.


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